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Image editing programs are indispensable. Let’s understand a little more about it?

Image editing programs are indispensable. Be it to perform a college job or create an image for hype. In the national and international market, Corel Draw is one of the most requested.

If you still do not use this program or have it behind you, we’ve separated three excellent reasons to start using it now.

Why use CorelDRAW?

1 # Facility

The main reasons for this program to be so famous. Corel is simple to use, and the editor is often driven by intuition.

2 # Price

Compared to similar programs, Corel wins in this respect. The amount paid for the professional package costs an average of R $ 1,600.00 and the update pack just under R $ 900.00. By pushing the numbers on the tip of the pencil, a Corel upgrade is four times cheaper.

3 # Tools

By creating linear transparency, bypassing lyrics, or even working with JPEG images, CorelDRAW makes it possible like no other software. Also, it has simple shortcut keys (usually with a single letter) and automatically backs up your work.