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From Canada To The World

Have you noticed that magazines do not bring a large block of text but multiple columns? Then InDesign makes this work easier: create a text box, insert the content, and if there is a space, you will see a “+” sign at the end of the box.

Create a new text box next to it and pull the text over from the previous one to this one. Take this route until there is no more text. At first it looks like something without a big function, but then if you need to make adjustments to the text, it will adapt to the space, without you having to work on each column separately.

With these three tips and also your curiosity to fiddle with font, color, and effect tabs, in four weeks you’ll be able to make good content in InDesign . If you have questions, get printed materials that will serve as a reference and give you ideas.

The first version of CorelDRAW was released in 1989 in Canada. Since that date, 17 versions have already been on the market, and the most recent is the X7, from 2014.

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