5 Practical Tips When Dealing With School Uniform Suppliers

5 Practical Tips When Dealing With School Uniform Suppliers

Parents who can be practical with their purchases from school uniform suppliers end up with better results, less stress and more money in their back pocket.

This is true for primary and high school level and across public and private institutions.

Some wardrobe upgrades will be forced when switching from primary to high level or upgrading to a senior, while others will be required for clothing that is simply too small a fit to sustain four terms.

Whatever the scenario, take note of these 5 practical tips that will point consumers in the right direction.


1) Have an Updated Item List Available

There is nothing worse for parents who have spoken to other mums and dads about identifying the right item, only to discover that the school uniform suppliers are out of stock. Whether it is checking products online with a helpful web interface to calling up and contacting the supplier directly about what items and sizes are available, the easier it will be to avoid making a rushed decision.


2) Avoiding The School Season Rush

That first week leading into term 1 and the first week of session is a window that should be avoided when dealing with school uniform suppliers. Even the best operators will struggle to cater to every request and the influx of business will be hard to negotiate for shoppers. This is beneficial on a very practical level to be removed from that mad rush, but it is also worthwhile giving the sales and clearances that are rolled out during those down periods. The best times to cash in are usually the backend of term 4 when returns and unused stock have to be sold by any means, giving mums and dads the opportunity to pick up some great valuables at reduced prices.


3) Durable & Cleanable Fabrics

Kids will be active and the attire will be put under a lot of stress from February through to December. This places the emphasis on finding fabrics that can be easily cleaned and will provide a degree of durability. Cotton will remain popular with school uniform suppliers because it is a breathable fabric that is affordable for parents across the board. If there are nylon or acrylic options, they will be brilliant for mums and dads that want quick and effective cleaning for the upholstery.


4) What Does The Child Actually Like To Wear?

Parents do fund the purchase of goods from school uniform suppliers and this should give them autonomy over the selection of attire. However, if it is a cardigan, hat or pair of shoes that is completely outside of what they will wear day-to-day, it will be a wasted investment. Particularly for those students of high school age, they will have more agency to pick and choose what suits their taste and personality. The good news is that many public and private institutions have a wider range of attire to suit summer and winter conditions, so there is flexibility in this instance.


5) Label Makers Are Valuable Assets

It is not cool for the kids to think about placing labels on items, but this is a major asset to get hold of when buying from school uniform suppliers. In an environment that sees hundreds or thousands of the same materials with changing rooms and backpacks cluttering up the school space, it is so easy to misplace goods or mistakenly take another student’s clothes. To avoid suffering from this problem, placing a name label on every piece of attire will prevent that mistake from occurring.


Parents won’t need to be told twice that dealing with school uniform suppliers will be more frequent during key growth spurts across the primary and high school seasons. If they can be practical with their shopping habits and how they deal with these outlets to begin with, there will be less financial pressure placed on them from one year to the next.